PPI4MED in Tunisia presents public procurement of innovation as a driver for Tunisia's growth.


The National Agency for the Promotion of Scientific Research (ANPR)  Tunisia,  partner of PPI4MED, has participated in the workshop titled “Space Activities in Africa: Opportunities & Challenges – Case of TUNISIA” on August 25th 2022 in the City of Tunis.

It is a side event on the sidelines of the Tokyo International Conference for Development in Africa that was launched in 1993 by the Government of Japan, to promote Africa’s development, peace and security, through the strengthening of relations in multilateral cooperation and partnership.

In the framework of this meeting, Mr Chedly Abdelly the head of ANPR, has presented the PPI4MED project, especially the Public Procurement Innovation as an instrument to transfer results from public research centres to the socio-economic environments.

The event was an excellent opportunity to discuss the private-public commercialization partnership in Research and Innovation and to explain how Public Procurement Innovation can become a driver of progress and development in Tunisia.