Ramadan Competition with CROSSDEV: the contest, prizes and winners


The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS) – CROSSDEV project’s partner for southern Jordan – launched its Ramadan Competition 2021 on social media last April, asking youth, students and the general public one question a day for 30 days about tourism, culture, heritage, and marine life around Aqaba, Jordan. The scope? Having fun while raising awareness about the city and its historical value, which is crucial not only to attract future tourists, but also to boost local economy and empower local people and small-medium businesses (AKA, CROSSDEV's mission in all its implementation areas across Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine).

The competition had a great resonance on social media platforms, with over 1,500 students participating to the contest from all governorates of Jordan.

And the winners have already been awarded! 60 students - 30 males and 30 females - from all across Jordan and aged 5 to 24, received hand-made prizes, as follows:

  • 10 Simsimiya, ancient folk musical instruments
  • 10 plants
  • 15 sand glass bottles
  • 15 strings
  • 10 clay cups

Some of the 2021 Ramadan Competion winners

Some of the 2021 Ramadan Competion prizes

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