RESET: Call for tenders open in Palestine to develop dissemination strategies!


RESET project has open a call for tenders in Palestine to develop two dissemination strategies. The first will engage local and national stakeholders and the second will focus on the regional-level, in both cases working to disseminate the work to relevant sector stakeholders across the region and beyond.

Leaders International, an international network of local organizations that foster the economic development in the region and also the Palestinian partner of RESET, will be responsible for addressing and evaluating submitted applications. In this sense, the scope of work will have to include the following requirements:

  • Drafting the project dissemination plan, a holistic strategy to inform, outreach and engage work and guide partners.
  • Designing a communications and visibility toolkit that will build on the project’s expertise in engaging with regional cooperation projects as well as set a clear pathway to implement outreach, dissemination and communication actions, including promotional and visibility materials.
  • Designing and mainstreaming youth-led communication packages on green and social entrepreneurship.
  • Delivering general dissemination activities using partner’s networks.

The criteria for evaluation will take into consideration 40% for the financial offer and 60% for the technical document. The maximum value available for the contract is 30,000€. Applicants must submit their proposals before next 10th of June 2022. For further information click on the following Terms of Reference.