RESET co-launches the WeMed Award 2023 to celebrate Mediterranean's sustainable champions


Mediterranean Region - Get ready to applaud the remarkable sustainability achievers of the Mediterranean as the WeMed Award returns for its third edition. This prestigious award, powered by the RESET project, highlights the success stories of eco-conscious businesses and support organizations. It's a nod to those who are leading the way in creating greener, circular economies.

At the heart of WeMed lies the Mediterranean strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD), guiding the region towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This year, WeMed joins forces with the ENI CBC Med Programme and the RESET project to amplify sustainable, green, and circular business support initiatives.

The goal is to honour those who've embraced eco-innovation and inspire others to follow suit. Businesses and organizations from various Mediterranean countries are eligible to participate. The award seeks to recognize those who've effectively integrated sustainable practices into their operations and are making a positive impact on the environment and society. The WeMed Award recognizes two essential categories:

Category 1: Business Support Organizations (BSOs) These are organizations that actively promote Green Business Support and Circular Economy concepts. BSOs, regardless of whether they're in their early stages or experiencing growth, must be legally established in one of the eligible regions under ENI CBC MED. Their products and services should align with eco-innovation and sustainable practices.

Category 2: Entrepreneurs/Start-ups This category celebrates start-ups and entrepreneurs that share a vision for Green Business Support and Circular Economy. Just like BSOs, these entities should be legally constituted in one of the eligible regions and exhibit a commitment to eco-innovative entrepreneurship.

In both categories, a crucial aspect is the integration of environmental and social values. Women (with no age limit) and youth (up to 35 years old) should be part of the team, emphasizing inclusivity and diversity in leadership.


The call for applications closes on September 4, 2023. If you're part of an organization that's driving positive change and sustainability, this is your chance to shine.

For guidelines, learn more here.

To Apply, visit the official WeMed Award website.