Reshaping industries: stories of innovation and mentorship from Egypt’s INTECMED 3 grant winners


In the heart of Egypt’s innovative landscape, three remarkable companies stand out on their road towards transformation across different industries. These companies, Egrobots, ITHAKA, and OZ-TECH, have not only captured attention but also secured their positions as the top grant winners in Egypt under the EU-funded INTECMED project.

The INTECMED project, funded by the European Union, has breathed life into the goals of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the Mediterranean region. Thanks to the dedicated guidance and resources provided by INTECMED’s partnership companies like Egrobots, ITHAKA, and OZ-TECH have been given the tools they need to foster their innovative ideas and turn them into reality. Their journey from SME mentees to grant recipients is a testament to the pivotal role that mentorship plays in driving forward transformative change.

Egrobots: revolutionizing agriculture through technology and insight

Egrobots, a dynamic Agritech platform founded by a team of agricultural enthusiasts, engineers, and data scientists, is leading the charge in reshaping Egypt’s agricultural sector. Their mission is to empower farmers through the fusion of data-driven insights and cutting-edge robotics technology. By harnessing real-time data collection and analysis, Egrobots equips farmers with the resources to make informed decisions, optimize crop management, and minimize resource wastage. What truly sets Egrobots apart is its commitment to accessibility; their solutions cater to farmers of all scales, enabling both small and large operations to benefit from advanced technology. The company’s journey from the INTECMED mentorship program to securing a subgrant emphasizes their dedication to driving positive change in Egyptian agriculture.

ITHAKA: crafting tailored travel experiences for all

In the world of travel planning, ITHAKA stands out as a shining example of creativity and innovation. As a participant in the INTECMED project, ITHAKA received invaluable mentorship and support that fueled their journey to redefine how travelers plan their adventures. The company’s digital platform simplifies the process of creating personalized travel itineraries, catering to the preferences and budgets of Free Independent Travelers (FITs). ITHAKA’s community of like-minded travelers adds a social dimension to travel planning, allowing for shared experiences and companionship. With a meticulous focus on user experience and engagement, ITHAKA is preparing to launch its platform and transform the way people explore the world.

OZ-TECH: pioneering agriculture through robotics

OZ-TECH, founded by visionary mechatronics engineers and complemented by experts from various fields, is revolutionizing Egypt’s agricultural landscape through robotics. Their groundbreaking creation, OSIRIS 1, is a robotic assistant designed to enhance seedling planting efficiency and productivity. Addressing challenges such as labor shortages and planting losses, OZ-TECH’s innovation paves the way for a future where farming robots are at the forefront of agriculture. With a focus on research, technical consultation, and innovation, OZ-TECH is determined to enhance its robotic solutions through advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, fostering a landscape of accessible and efficient farming practices.

As we celebrate the achievements of Egrobots, ITHAKA, and OZ-TECH, we are reminded of the transformative potential of mentorship, innovation, and collaboration. These companies stand as beacons of hope, inspiring us to reimagine what is possible across different sectors.