RESMYLE bridges the gap with policy-makers to boost the future prospects for NEETs in green jobs


RESMYLE is tackling youth unemployment in the Mediterranean by equipping NEETs with the right skills to seize opportunities in the environmental and sustainable development sectors, drivers of future growth, but that’s only half the story.

There’s a far better chance of success if RESMYLE is on the same wavelength as policy makers, private and public operators dealing with youth employability and sustainable development so that they might ideally adopt and mainstream some of the activities developed by the project (youth worker capacity building tools, eco-volunteer programmes, eco-incubators, etc.).

That’s why, with the Association d’Education Relative à l’Environnement de Hammamet, RESMYLE is organising a stakeholder conference in Hammamet, Tunisia with over 60 attendees on 18 to 19 May to expand its thinking, learn from these decision-makers and key operators and pave the way to closer collaboration with them so that RESMYLE leaves a proper legacy once the project finishes.