RESMYLE: Eco-entrepreneurship revolution in five countries


In a world constantly seeking sustainability and innovation, the RESMYLE project stands out by illuminating the path towards an economically viable and environmentally respectful future. Through this ambitious initiative, 6 eco-incubators have been established in five different countries: France, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, and Tunisia. These incubators have acted as catalysts for young entrepreneurial potential and have fostered the emergence of innovative ecological solutions.

The impact of the RESMYLE project is undeniable. Over 200 young individuals have been guided through these eco-incubators, benefiting from personalized support and specific training focused on creating sustainable businesses. These incubators have served as idea nurseries, nurturing the growth of over 130 business projects, all imbued with an ecological vision and bold entrepreneurial spirit.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the project is its transnational nature. Cross-border training has created a bridge between participants from different countries, fostering the exchange of expertise, collaboration, and mutual inspiration. This international dimension has enriched the experience of budding entrepreneurs, broadening their horizons and exposing them to a diversity of perspectives and business practices.

Financial support through grants has also been a crucial pillar of the RESMYLE project's success. Eighteen promising young talents have been rewarded with subgrants, providing them with the resources needed to materialize their ideas and invest in the sustainability and profitability of their businesses. These scholarships have enabled recipients to take the crucial step from conceptualizing their projects to implementing them concretely.

In France, CDE Petra Patrimonia in partnership with Cooperative for Young Entrepreneurs (CIJE) has supported 45 young individuals in the South Region;

In Italy, the Grow Up eco-incubator, launched by the ConfCooperative Liguria CFLC in partnership with Social Hub Genova, has supported 21 young people from the Genoa region;

In Jordan, the Green Construction Innovation Lab focused on eco-construction was launched by the Jordan University of Science and Technology in partnership with the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects, supporting 68 young people from the Irbid region;

In Lebanon, 11 young individuals have benefited from the support of the Association for Rural Capacity Development (ADR) in partnership with the Municipality of Tyr in South Lebanon;

Finally, in Tunisia, 2 eco-incubators, one called DEMARRi launched by the Association for Environmental Education (AERE) in partnership with the National Agency for Employment and Independent Work (ANETI), has supported 22 young people in the Hammamet region, and IncubeGoGreen launched by the Higher Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technologies (ISSTE) in partnership with the Student Entrepreneurs Pole of the University of Carthage, has supported 45 young people from the Tunis region.

The sustainable commitment of each eco-incubator has been solidified through the signing of partnership agreements, thus ensuring their longevity and long-term impact in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of their respective regions.


Beyond numbers and statistics, the true success of RESMYLE lies in its enduring legacy. The eco-incubators have planted the seeds of a new generation of entrepreneurs, passionate about merging profitability and environmental responsibility. The project has sparked a momentum of change, turning ecological dreams into tangible business realities.

As the RESMYLE project writes the final chapter of its initial story, its impact will continue to resonate far beyond its geographical borders. By building bridges between young entrepreneurs and nurturing an ecosystem conducive to sustainable innovation, RESMYLE has left an indelible mark on the global landscape of eco-entrepreneurship. And it is through visionary initiatives like this that we move closer each day to a greener and more prosperous future for all.