RESMYLE – Eco-friendly organizations: a promising sector which is recruiting!


"Wind power, photovoltaics, geothermal energy, marine energy: renewable energies (RE) are becoming more and more established in our daily lives, providing numerous outlets for the profiles of technicians, sales people, engineers and consultants".

RESMYLE – Eco-friendly organizations: a promising sector which is recruiting!

One of RESMYLE’s objectives is to help young people to set up a company which is eco-friendly.

Do you know what an environmentally-friendly company is?

An environmentally-friendly company or eco-friendly company is an organization aiming at saving its natural resources in order to minimize its impacts on the ecosystem.
There are two types eco-friendly organizations: those which are directly linked to the environment (renew energies, water treatment…) and those which are preoccupied by the environment.
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What are the opportunities provided by the company which are eco-friendly for young people?

The environmental jobs are classified into three categories. The first category is the protection of the environment which covers everything related to the nature, such as air pollution, waste and biodiversity. 
The second category is the resource management, such as water resources. This category represents 75% of jobs around the world.
The third category concerns transversal activities such as research and development, or engineering.

The environmentally-friendly companies are recruiting!

After the coronavirus crisis, the sustainable development sector is expanding. Indeed, one of the objective that the environmental companies have is to contribute to the energetic transition of the territories. This is part of the achievement of the sustainable development goals by 2030. New opportunities are available!

Increase your chances to be recruited within an eco-friendly organization!

When they are recruiting, the eco-friendly organizations are looking for some of the following qualities:
-    To be proactive
-    Have strong personal skills
-    Know how to impose behavioral changes such as sorting waste
-    Have legislative and normative knowledge
-    Carry out internships in the environmental sector in order to gain experience and use it as an advantage to stand out from the other candidates


RESMYLE aims to support young people in the creation of their eco-friendly organization. 
In your opinion, what qualities young people should develop? 
What jobs which are eco-friendly would you like to see created?
Would you like to join one of RESMYLE’s eco-incubator in France, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon or Tunisia? 
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RESMYLE is a project which aims to rethink the employment and social integration of Mediterranean youth through sustainable development.

To learn more, visit the ENICBCMED page on the project.