RESMYLE in France invites you to participate in a workshop on the heritage of pavements made by cobblestones


The OPUS Association (formerly Union Apare-CME), partner of RESMYLE, is organising a practical training workshop on the field from 12 to 26 March 2023 to discover the Art of calade.

The objective of the workshop is to enhance the village of Volonne by restoring a calade in a pedestrian street, a traditional paving technique with numerous properties that are favourable to the preservation of soils and buildings, to the prevention of natural risks and to answering many environmental protection questions. This will also allow the enhancement of the old medieval Volonne, an objective of the Volonne town hall.

The group's programme will include field visits to the most beautiful heritage structures in the surrounding towns and villages, but above all the practice of the work site to assimilate and understand this technique. The aim is also to pass on this know-how by producing an educational document which will be freely distributed in order to make the inhabitants aware of the preservation, restoration and maintenance of their calades. Finally, the development of this specific heritage could generate greater tourist activity in the commune and the surrounding areas.

The participants of the workshop will be able to acquire the following elements

- Understand the environmental needs of a territory through its heritage

- Understand the setting up and construction of a calade

- Carrying out a heritage construction project as a team

- Use of an ancient masonry technique

- Boosting local development through the enhancement of heritage

- Creation of an educational document accessible to all.

The cost of participation in the international field training workshop, accommodation, meals and travel expenses are fully covered by the RESMYLE project.

The workshop is open to young people between 18 and 30 years old, not in education, training or employment (NEETs). The working languages are French and English.

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For french participants, please sent all related information to Adeline Feuillat -

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The RESMYLE project - Rethinking employment and social inclusion of Mediterranean youth through sustainable development is funded by the European Union's ENI CBC MED programme.

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