RESMYLE in France: Protecting the Lérins Islands, a MARvellous experience


The insular environment of Lérins Islands is very attractive to visitors of Cannes. Thus, the archipelago is one of the must-visit tourist destinations of Cannes (400,000 visitors in 2017) and is subject to increasing frequentation of the marine and land environment. The current situation of the Lérins Islands in terms of the frequentation of the marine space presents risks of conflicts of use of the space, and deterioration of the marine habitats, in particular in the Frioul canal located between the island of Sainte Marguerite and the island of Saint Honorat.

The project "Protecting the Lérins Islands, a wondrous Experience", winner of RESMYLE call for projects to raise awareness among environment protection, mobilised 11 young people on environmental challenges by making them actors of the awareness of the general public during the summer of 2021. Testimonies of this experience have been produced through podcasts by one of the young people and will soon be available online.

Do you also want to find out if you have the knowledge and the right gestures? Take the quiz created by the CPIE by clicking here and make commitments to change your behaviour.

A huge thank you to the young volunteers, including Solène, Florentin, Dorra, Noéline, Yann and Pauline for their great involvement in 2021 summer!

The campaign to preserve the underwater environment of the Lérins Islands by raising awareness among users is led by the CPIE Iles de Lérins et Pays d'Azur, supported by several partners including the SMILO association and RESMYLE, project financed by the ENI CFT Mediterranean Basin programme.