RESMYLE in Jordan offers 2 volunteers positions on energy audit of tourist facilities


Research has highlighted that the tourist sector is one of the largest energy consumers in Jordan. Yet, steps to manage and conserve energy consumption in tourist buildings are limited.

That is why the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), a RESMYLE partner, is offering 2 volunteer missions from March 1st to May 29th 2023 in order to introduce them to renewable solar energy systems and energy auditing of buildings.

The volunteers will work with building energy experts to evaluate the energy consumption of tourist buildings in Umm Qais and in Jerash. Specifically, the volunteers will implement and energy audit of four buildings consisting of identification of energy loss, collecting energy data,creating energy flow charts, analyze energy use patterns and identifying energy saving potential when using renewable and solar energy sources.

The volunteers will gain the following skills:
1. Energy audit basis
2. Identify different energy audit types
3. Understand standard energy parameters and
4. Knowledge of best practice energy audit reporting
5. Fundamentals of solar energy options

The ecomission is open to young people between 18 and 30 years old, not in education, training or employment (NEETs). The working languages are English and Arabic.

To find out more about this offer of ecomission, click here.

Registrations are open until 20th of January: You can register by filling in this form with code ECOVOJOR24JUST/ ECOVOJOR25JUST

Other ecomission volunteering are being held in the framework of the RESMYLE project, find all the information here.

If you need more information, you can contact Nermeen Dalgamoni, RESMYLE coordinator of ecomissions in Jordan through this email:

The RESMYLE project - Rethinking employment and social inclusion of Mediterranean youth through sustainable development is funded by the European Union's ENI CBC MED programme.

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