RESMYLE: Next steps for the organisation of the Field Training Workshops


The training of trainers to run the 16 practical field training workshops took place from 18 January to 8 February 2021, online, with more than 20 participants.

The training consisted of 31 hours of online training to discover or deepen various themes such as: cultural adaptation, intercultural learning, group dynamics, conflict management, principles of local development and working with local authorities, decision-making process, project management, business model, motivation and non-violent communication, evaluation of competences, etc.

If you regret not being able to be there, it is not a problem as all training materials are available on our platform.

A workshop simulation even took place on the last day! The goodbyes were difficult, but we hope to be able to meet soon. 

It is now the stage of the organisation of the workshops, reflection on the themes, link with local authorities, identification of local problems... This is what awaits our organisers!

Stay tuned to find out how our work is progressing!  #GOMED

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