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Today, we give you a sneak preview of the activity "In the ground or in the air: where do I grow?"

This activity aims to know or recognise the fruits and vegetables grown in the Mediterranean and to introduce the notions of root vegetable, fruit vegetable, leaf vegetable, flowering vegetables... through a game.


Preparation step and materials (about 20 minutes): 

Print and cut out the pictures of the fruits and vegetables then print the page representing the "Where do I grow?" illustration in A3 format. Remember to choose the images according to the type of audience and level of knowledge! For example, choose fruits and vegetables that are not well known.


Implementation step (2 hours): 

Step 1  Place the "Where do I grow?" illustration in front of the participants.

Step 2  Ask the participants to explain the elements in the illustration. Make sure that the participants can distinguish between a tree and a vegetable plant and identify the soil.

Step 3  Play! Distribute the pictures of the cut-out fruits and vegetables and ask about their possible origin: Are they locally produced?

Step 4 Ask the participants to replace the images of the fruits and vegetables according to where they grow (on the tree, on the ground, in the ground). You can leave them on their own or guide them according to their representations and their knowledge.

Step 5  Review - Ask the participants about the morphology of the fruit and vegetables, their colour, their size, etc., in order to modify certain answers if necessary.

Ask some questions to deepen the knowledge:

  • Leeks and asparagus have white bodies and green heads, why?
    Because the white part of these vegetables grows under the ground and therefore does not see the sun, which prevents it from turning green (photosynthesis)
  • What do we eat in radishes, turnips and carrots?
    It's the root!

Step 6 Conclude by discussing the families of vegetables:

  • For the carrot and the radish, the part that we eat grows under the ground: they are root vegetables.
  • Salad grows out of the ground, we eat its leaves: it is a leaf vegetable.
  • Asparagus has the shape of a stem and we eat the aerial part: it is a stem vegetable.
  • Tomatoes and green beans grow on a plant and have seeds and pips respectively: they are fruit vegetables. seeds respectively: they are fruiting vegetables.
  • Endive and artichokes are bud vegetables.
  • Cauliflower and broccoli are flowering vegetables.


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