[RESMYLE] Sustainable deconstruction, a promising sector for young people


Did you know that the second most polluting industry is the construction industry?

The quantities of waste - 38.2 tonnes per year in France for example - are often unsorted, not recovered and simply thrown away conventionally, abandoned, burnt or even buried. It is difficult to know how to get rid of it... 

RESMYLE met with Mrs Décot, from the Readificare association, to explain the principle of sustainable deconstruction allowing reuse, recycling and revalorisation, solutions to building sector waste in a circular economy logic. 

What is deconstruction? 
The deconstruction of a building avoids the demolition of all its components. The building is dismantled component by component and sorted to see if it can be reused (door frames, windows, ceiling tiles, etc.) before any final demolition. 

R-AEDIFICARE studies what can be recovered from a building to order, and then carries out deconstruction missions via companies with professional profiles who are experts in the installation of these components and therefore know how to dismantle the building. And this is where the problem lies today, as few companies are turning to deconstruction and fewer professionals have the knowledge to do this type of work, a necessary turnaround to bring the building into the circular economy. 

And yet it is a growing sector! R-aedificare works with partners such as R+Eveil, an integration company, which deconstructs and stores materials. It is the R-AEDIFICARE platform that resells or gives them away in order to create a virtuous circle. 

Valérie Décot's aim is now to set up materials processing channels so that reuse becomes the norm... 


If you are a professional and would like to find out more, you can read this roadmap of the Orée circular economy entitled: How to better disconstruct and valorise waste from the construction industry? Available here.

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