RESMYLE in Tunisia - Protecting the forest from fires


From 4 to 17 March 2023, 12 participants met in the heart of the green landscapes of Bizerte in the majestic Rimel Forest in Tunisia, a natural ecosystem covering two thousand hectares. This forest, which is not only rich in biodiversity but also threatened by a variety of factors, became the focus of an international field training workshop aimed at both protecting and enhancing it.

The primary objective was to raise awareness among young people of the crucial importance of preserving natural ecosystems, in particular the Rimel Forest, with a view to sustainable development.

To raise awareness and protect the forest, the workshop began with a detailed presentation of the threats to the forest and their environmental consequences, followed by a white operation to protect against fires. Finally, value-adding activities (distillation, composting, etc.) were carried out to teach participants how to derive benefits while respecting the natural balance of the ecosystem.

Sustainable forest management, development of forest products with high economic value, in-depth knowledge of forest ecosystems, teamwork, co-construction of solutions, etc.: these are the acquired skills cited by the young participants. 

A Step Towards a Sustainable Future
The project represented by the Rimel Forest workshop is much more than just a training course. The result is an educated and committed generation of young people ready to protect our environment. By combining education, awareness-raising and concrete action, we are creating fertile ground for a sustainable future, where the Rimel Forest and its natural treasures thrive for generations to come.


This workshop was carried out as part of the RESMYLE project, implemented by ISSTE in partnership with the Agricultural extension and training agency.