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RESMYLE - Workshop in Jordan: Mapping touristic sites in Bani-Kenanah - Promoting tourism activities in Villages in Northern Jordan

In Jordan, tourism is highly centered in popular tourist sites such as the Dead Sea, and Petra, however, local communities with rich natural and cultural tourist locations are often overlooked by tourists and by decision-makers. One area in Jordan facing this challenge is Bani-Kenanah located in the North of Jordan. Bani Kenanah is home to natural reserves, forests, local agricultural practices, and numerous historical and cultural buildings and sites. Despite this diversity, tourism activities in the region is limited and mostly overlooked by local and international tourists.

Mapping tourist locations is one method to support tourism in local communities and promote awareness of important natural and cultural heritage in the region. Promoting tourism activities are also important income generators for local communities.


Objectives of the Workshop:

The workshop will focus on promoting the tourism potential of six important villages in the district.
Specifically, the workshop aims to:

Increase awareness about cultural and natural heritage sites and their outstanding values in Bani-Kenanah, thus increasing the tourist activities at these sites.
• Learn and participate in the process of identifying natural and cultural heritage resources of a specific locality for purposes of conservation and development.
Increase local community organizations’ role in promoting cultural and natural heritage sites.

Expected Outcomes:
Visit guide for Bani-Kenanh that will include tourist map, relevant information about sites for tourists in the five villages,
Flyers for Bani-Kenanah.
Promotional videos for Bani-Kenanah including interviews with local community and participation of community-based tourist activities in the area.

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