REUSEMED: a first positive international experience for the Spanish partner to share good practices in promoting the culture of reuse


Thanks to its participation in the REUSEMED Project, the National Association of Public Environmental Entreprises in Spain (ANEPMA)  has been able to take part in the constitution of the networks for the reuse of goods, an approach to the application of the circular economy that the association  hope will continue to develop in the coming years. This point of view, based on not treating as waste those goods that, although discarded by their owners, still retain in good condition and can be useful , is essential to be able to implement an important part of the circular economy: the concept of reuse. There is still some way to go but continuing to improve with this approach is the right direction to take.

Developing ideas such as the asset of reuse networks has been possible thanks to the learning and feedback that has taken place between REUSEMED project partners.

This ongoing cooperation has been very important in fostering the smooth running of REUSEMED's work. The cooperation has made it possible to learn about circular economy practices developed in other countries, which can serve as an example and inspiration to implement similar experiences. Likewise, learning about these practices and their defects and virtues is very useful to know how to guide the work in order to make progress in the implementation of the circular economy through the reuse and the reduction of waste. We must stop thinking of treated goods as waste "a priori", since it is a resource until its evaluation proves otherwise.
In addition to the participation in innovative initiatives in the circular economy and the learning of good practices in this field, being part of REUSEMED Project has allowed ANEPMA to develop the REUSEMED APP. A mobile application designed to act as a communication link between managers and users of reuse networks that allows users to dispose of objects in good condition and in return obtain other ones in good condition through a few simple steps in their mobile. Likewise, this contribution and achievement of goods in a circular sense is complemented with a map of resources related to the circular economy that have been identified in the cities of the Project. This APP is an important step as it offers the possibility of digital transformation of the services that companies in the waste management sector can offer. 

It is important to highlight, as we pointed out at the beginning of these lines, that the REUSEMED Project has been ANEPMA's first participation in an international cooperation initiative. In an increasingly interconnected world, it is very valuable to know at first hand the organisation of the sector in other countries in which you develop your activity and to generate a network of contacts to identify common problems and good practices that can be extrapolated in order to make progress in the sector in the area of influence of each organisation. In short, for the Association, the aim is to gatherfeedback from other countries to help improve the waste sector in Spain.

In general, being part of the REUSEMED Project has allowed ANEPMA to start implementing circular economy practices in a real way, learn from all the knowledge transmitted by the partners, make known and transmit what they can contribute to the waste management sector in other countries, advance in the use of digital tools and open the doors to international cooperation in a very close way.