REUSEMED in Italy extends the promotion of composting to restaurants and bars


'Comp-Osterìa' is the new initiative  promoted by the Municipality of Capannori in Italy, in collaboration with the Centro Ricerca Rifiuti Zero, coordinated by Rossano Ercolini, within the scope of the REUSEMED  project, financed by the EU-funded programme ENI CBC Med. The project aims at promoting the culture of reuse  in the Mediterranean area of which the Municipality of Capannori is part of. In this context, the municipality wanted to extend good composting practices to commercial activities, in particular to restaurants and bars, to reduce the production of organic waste in the municipal territory and guaranteeing discounts on bills.

Namely, the Municipality makes available to the commercial activities of the territory 25 composters on loan for free use through a public notice published on 17th May 2023, providing a 10 % discount on the variable part of the waste tariff for those who adhere to the experimentation. The composters made of treated wood are shaped like a house and are larger than the domestic ones, with a capacity of 800 liters. Once the subscription are collected, there will be a training on the use of the compost, with the presence of Rossano Ercolini and experts from the Centro Ricerca Rifiuti Zero.

"With this new initiative  we will promote the use of compost by entities working in our territory, to reduce the amount of organic waste produced, as we have already done for domestic services, with more than 3.000 participating families - explains the councilman for the environment, Giordano Del Chiaro . Exhibitors who want to join this first test will receive a 10% discount on the variable part of the fee. This discount will be executed in addition to the tariff reduction provided for in the new municipal waste management regulation, which establishes for the same type of activity a reduction in the bill for those who do not exceed 2 annual contributions of non-recyclable waste.

Thus, the new project combines the objectives of the zero waste strategy, already adopted by our City Council for years, and those of REUSEMED project, in which it is framed. The goal is, in a green territory such as Capannori, to ensure that the result of self-composting is the largest possible amount of organic waste".