REUSEMED in Italy promotes participatory methods to promote the culture of reuse in Capannori


The Municipality of Capannori, Italian partner of REUSEMED project, aimed at implementing reuse circuits through a methodology of participatory co-design with stakeholders and citizens. The various initiatives implemented, powered by the REUSEMED project during 2022, include:

- The co-planning meetings with local associations in order to design ‘master plans’ for sharing procedures and responsibilities for each of the sectors targeted for reuse at local level (clothing, furniture, food, toys, books, etc.).

- The stipulation of a public protocol between associations, enterprises and local authorities to systemise the network and share human and material resources.

- The coordination of the network and information service to the citizen: an information service for the citizen has been set up to ensure a real-time response to guide the user through the correct procedures, the recognition of objects and materials eligible for reuse, etc.

- The creation of a “Repair and Reuse center” and the organisation of open-days and training workshops by network associations.

- Hosting the Reuse Festival, with several creative workshops on the reuse of materials, educational workshops, meetings with policy makers and stakeholders, and various communication and promotion actions.The Reuse Festival was an important occasion in the path to create a municipal reuse system that guarantees perfect coordination between all existing realities and facilitates citizens’ access to reuse circuits by giving them a unified point of reference.

- The project is part of the municipality’s broader strategy to reach a 95% recycled waste rate by 2030. All these activities will be crowned by the Reuse Shopping Centre, funded by the PNRR (implementation of Next generation EU). The aim is to create a real store with exhibition spaces and laboratory spaces for the collection, verification and conditioning of materials. A centre that can make available to citizens the material that is collected at different points in the territory and that many times due to their location are not fully accessible by all interested parties.

- Through the continuous dialogue with citizens guaranteed also thanks to an external organisation/information service, which is not limited to one-way communication actions, the Municipality of Capannori has become a reference model that guides the citizen in the correct procedures and in the circuits of reuse of materials.