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REUSEMED organises its final event about the project on the culture of reuse in the Mediterranean

On the 3rd and the 4th May 2023 , the Visitor Reception Centre (VRC) of Cordoba, located in the Plaza del Triunfo, will host the final event of the REUSEMED project. The event will be welcomed by the Mayor of Cordoba and will be attended by representatives of the ENI CBC MED Programme.

During the event, the results of the project in the partner cities will be presented to the audience through videos that show the different reuse circuits and infrastructures created, the app to support the new circuits, the training developed and the most impactful communication interventions carried out in: 

- Deir Allaa (Jordan)
- Capannori (Italy)
- Sakiet Ezzit (Tunisia)
- Cordoba (Spain)

In addition, the final beneficiaries of the project in the partner cities will speak to the audience through videos. Specifically, these are citizens using the new reuse circuits and infrastructures, associations and companies involved in the circuits, staff of the partner organisations or students of the courses.

Finally, a presentation of diplomas to all the participants in the REUSEMED project will be organised by Jesús Diz Pérez, president of ANEPMA, one of the Spanish partner of REUSEMED.

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