REUSEMED partners visit the reuse circuits implemented in Córdoba, Spain

REUSEMED partners from Italy, Jordan and Tunisia had the chance to visit on the 3rd and 4th May 2023 nearly all the circuits that SADECO, lead beneficiary of REUSEMED, has implemented in the city of Córdboa. The tour included the visit to : 

- The Free Books at Puerta Almodovar (one of the 28 spots implemented in the city of Cordoba to promote the exchange of books thanks to the local association “Alambre”)
- The reuse workshop in place
- The Swop Box for Reuse in Ciudad de los Niños Park (to exchange games) 
- Itinerant Swop Box for Reuse
- Canine Swop Box for Reuse (to exchange objects related to dogs) 
- Community Composter in urban garden
- Repair Centre FEPAMIC
- Ecopoints - Waste Rooms
- REUSEMED Food Collection Point installed in La Corredera market (to promote donation of non-perishable food)