REUSEMED partners visited the reuse circuits implemented in Córdoba to promote the culture of reuse


SADECO, main beneficiary of REUSEMED, welcomed the other partners from Italy, Jordan and Tunisia to share their results on the circuits implemented in four Mediterranean cities to promote the culture of reuse.

After the institutional greetings and the presentation of the main conclusions of the project, held on the 3rd May 2023 at the Visitors Center of Cordoba, all partners were able to visit different circuits in operation in the city itself during the afternoon of the same day and the early hours of Thursday, May the 4th.

The visits to the different initiatives implemented by SADECO were the following:

- Free Books at Puerta Almodovar (one of the 28 spots implemented in the city of Cordoba to promote the exchange of books thanks to the local association “Alambre”)
- Reuse Workshop in place
- Swop Box for Reuse in Ciudad de los Niños Park
- IAnerant Swop Box for Reuse
- Canine Swop Box for Reuse
- Community Composter in urban garden
- Repair Centre FEPAMIC
- Ecopoints - Waste Rooms
- REUSEMED Food Collection Point installed in the municipal market of La Corredera .