REUSEMED project organized an internal workshop to explain how the reporting process works.

Photo by Tiger Lily on Pexels

How does the reporting process in ENI CBC Med projects work? That is the question this training session aimed to answer in details, in order to help the partnership to be prepared for the first interim report, that will have to be developed during this summer. This session was planned to transmit the information given by the program in the Seminar Strategic Projects: Online Training for Lead Beneficiaries, that took place in February.

In the training session, many important technical topics were discussed and explained. The eligibility of expenses, public procurements and the audit process were the main points. Especially, the audit process, that is a critical point in the work of reporting, was carefully described. The roles of the different auditors (from lead beneficiary and partners) and the workflow were detailed to have a clear overview of what will have to be done in a few months. Preparing and having a neat idea of what a job is about is key in order to be able to succeed in it.

Knowing how these processes work will help partners in making easier the monitoring of this project. It is important to monitor European Projects for EU, and we think for European citizens in general, since it is the way of verifying if the financial resources provided are spent in the right manner, from a sustainable, legal, financial, and economic development point of view. Thus, it is how we, projects funded by the EU, demonstrate value for money.

These reports are thought to be the tool to control the implementation of the project. In other words, they also help the Program to monitor the state of progress of the activities planned in the time schedules of each project. And as they are done regularly, they are an instrument to use to deal with possible issues that can emerge during projects implementation, for example the pandemic situation worldwide.

"The Commission attaches the highest importance to the rule of law. This is why we will ensure that money from our budget and NextGenerationEU is protected against any kind of fraud, corruption and conflict of interest."

In general, this training session intended to show the partners the correct way of working in a European project, and exchanging information about the financial resources spent and the works produced with them, with ENI CBC Med in the reporting that is going to be done this summer. So that, we can avoid mistakes related to our project, either in financial terms or in progress of the activities set in motion and the ones that we will develop in the future. Therefore, allowing REUSEMED project to keep on moving forward with confidence on being the right path.