REUSEMED project's sustainable legacy: lasting contributions in four Mediterranean countries


Over a period of more than two years, the distinguished REUSEMED Project partners in Deir Allaa (Jordan), Capannori (Italy), Sakiet Ezzit (Tunisia) and Cordoba (Spain) have been diligent and dedicated in promoting the culture of reuse. And although the project has already reached its conclusion, its impact transcends time, manifesting itself in projects and initiatives that persist in operation in these diverse communities.

From July 1, 2020 to August 2023, the REUSEMED Project has made a significant mark in promoting environmental sustainability and efficient municipal waste management in the Mediterranean basin. Despite the official completion of the project, various initiatives, such as repair and reuse centers, food collection points and municipal networks, continue to operate actively, contributing to the establishment of an enduring reuse culture.

The future looks bright, with these initiatives demonstrating that reuse is not only an effective response to environmental challenges, but also a viable model for building more sustainable and caring communities in the time to come.