REUSEMED promotes the reuse of second-hand objects for dogs in Spain


On 18 March 2023, the municipal waste company of Córdoba (Sadeco), lead beneficiary of REUSEMED, presented its  canine crate prototype, called 'gua-gua box', at the event 'With your pet'. The product developed boot that serves as an exchange for second hand objects for dogs.

This idea is framed within the initiatives planned for the REUSEMED project and seeks to promote the circular economy and cooperation among the city's residents.

The crate will be implemented in the Canine Expansion Zones that the organisation set up in 2017. They currently have a dozen spaces where they work to create a better coexistence between people and animals in Cordoba.

The event served as a meeting point for animal shelters, dogs, and animal lovers. In addition to promoting all the activities that Sadeco carries out in the area of Animal Health and Welfare, the company also shared its new feat with the visitors, who valued it very positively.