REUSEMED in Spain ensures the sustainability of its “Catch-all box” in Cordoba


Within the REUSEMED Project, a collaboration agreement has been signed between Sadeco, lead partner of REUSEMED, and the Cordoba Volunteer Platform for the maintenance and management of the project "Cajón de Sastre" (Catch-all box).     

This box serves as a space to promote the circular economy by encouraging the exchange of different types of objects between neighbors, thus becoming a social meeting point for the people in the neighbourhood.                      

The objects that can be deposited in this structure are small household goods and appliances, books, decorative objects and clothes.                       

The volunteers will organize the space to make it visually attractive, get rid of items that do not meet the conditions to be used by other neighbors or, if necessary, notify Sadeco of any anomaly or damage to the structure. They will also carry out information tasks on the goods that can be deposited and removed and the number allowed to be removed and deposited.