REUSEMED in Spain provides citizens with a "catch-all box” to promote the culture of reuse


Córdoba's municipal waste company (Sadeco), lead beneficiary of REUSEMED, placed a  box 'Cajón de Sastre' (meaning jumble in Spanish) in the Paseo de La Victoria, at the height of the city's Roman Mausoleum. Thanks to this initiative, promoted within the framework of the REUSEMED project, Córdoba's residents can deposit in it any object they no longer use. In this way, with a mechanism as simple as bartering, other people will be able to take these discarded items at no cost and give them a second live.

The idea, linked to the principles of circular economy, seeks to promote the culture of reuse. For the moment, according to sources from the public institution, the box "is working".

In this solidarity drawer made from reused materials it is possible to find an infinite number of objects. Although for some people these objects are no longer useful, for many others they can represent a great source of happiness.

The stand is open from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 am to 02:00 pm, with the exception of public holidays. The following items can be deposited:

Small items allowed:
- Books
- Decorative items
- Furniture
- Lamps
- Electronic equipment
- Household goods

Items not allowed:
- Organic products (food, etc.)
- Large items
- Weapons
- Items that are disrespectful or may offend the public's sensibilities
- Objects in poor condition