REUSEMED in Spain sets up interactive urban points to raise awareness of reuse


New elements located in central areas of the municipality of Cordoba will help to make the project visible to the city's inhabitants and promote sharing and reuse practices in urban environments. These points have been set up by REUSEMED's Spanish partners and within the framework of the project, with the aim of bringing reuse practices to central spaces for citizens.

The first of these elements is a small structure that will be located in the Municipal Markets of Cordoba, in places of easy access and good visibility. The design is reminiscent of a cupboard and is intended to be a collection point for food destined for social organizations.

The points will be called FOCOs (Food Collection Point) and will be part of the strategy of the food reuse circuit for social purposes. The iniciative is also in line with the postulates of the Milan Pact (more information in this site), of which SADECO, a Spanish partner in the REUSEMED project, is a member. The FOCOs have been built with pallets from the Córdoba Environmental Complex to promote the reuse and recycling of materials.

The second structures are cubes with a face of approximately two meters whose main purpose is the exchange of small objects that their owners no longer use. Instead of depositing them in the garbage containers, they can deposit them in this structure so that another citizen who may need them can retrieve them from the drawer and give them a second life.

The objects that can be deposited in the bin are small in size, such as books, decorative items, furniture, lamps, electronic equipment or household goods. The drawer will be available on a limited schedule, which will be expanded over time.

REUSEMED proposes to create municipal networks based on reuse circuits for home appliances, furniture, books, clothes, Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment and food. To set up the networks, 4 cities in Spain, Italy, Jordan and Tunisia will design and test composting installations, food collection points in markets, repair and reuse centers, reuse corners in shops and repairing cafes.