REUSEMED in Spain uses performing arts to promote the culture of reuse at Cordoba´s book fair


Literature takes to the streets of Córdoba, Spain for another year with the 2023 Book Fair in a Gran Capitán boulevard packed with locals and visitors. Everyone is taking advantage of the good weather to visit the 38 stands set up for this year's event.

It has been a festival of art that, until 1st  May 2023, hosts a total of 75 activities and in which  REUSEMED project has been present through a performance of 'The Lord of the Rings', in which the characters taught visitors about the need to reuse books.

In this sense, the event exhibited the work Piedra-Papel (Stone-Paper), made with sheets of books that are no longer useful and that somehow come back to life being useful in the form of "urban-artistic furniture".

A showcase of books from the Libro-libre Project has also been installed. This is an initiative that SADECO, lead beneficiary of REUSEMED,finances and promotes as an initiative.