Sami Fattouch … from passionate young boy to investigator in BESTMEDGRAPE


As we proceed successfully with the BESTMEDGRAPE project, we continue to introduce the people who made it happens.

Sami Fattouch from Tunisia is one of the scientists working on the project. Born and raised in Tunisia, he discovered in the early years his love for science. He studied “Natural Sciences” at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis (University Tunis El Manar) to obtain a master's degree and follow a Ph.D. program in Genetics and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry option.


Curiosity is the biggest motivation?

Sami tells us how he was motivated to enter the science world and he says: “what made me interested in science and the main motivator for my career path was the desire for intellectual challenges. My interest in natural sciences started in my early childhood, especially with the encouragement of my parents and my teachers. My curiosity was fostered in contact with scientists and science labs at high school, which spurred my interest in a science career; meanwhile, I was addicted to reading a lot of scientific magazines (among others “Science & Vie”) and I was a brilliant student in the field. At the university, I discovered my passion for biochemistry, molecular biology, and bioinformatics”.

In his opinion, scientific research is the pathway to answer issues based on structured and logical methods leading to solid conclusions. We can have a firm explanation of "how things work" in the world we live in.Really, it is fascinating to pull in knowledge from many disciplines and invites collaboration across fields to overcome obstacles and solve complicated problems: an incessant challenge” he adds.


BESTMEDGRAPE… a job opportunity for Tunisian entrepreneurs

The Professor of Biological Engineering, is the principal investigator at the partner 3, the National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology - INSAT of the University of Carthage - UCAR. He is in charge of the scientific coordination and he also supervises the administrative and financial issues at PP3. He explains that Tunisia, as a member of the Mediterranean countries, is concerned about the management of agri-foods by-products and wastes. Therefore, INSAT-UCAR, actively helps the final beneficiaries of the project,  to develop start-ups working towards the production of nutraceutical and cosmeceutical goods based on bioactive nanoformulations. He continues: “In Tunisia, such issue is expected to create new jobs for enthusiast young entrepreneurs aiming to conquer local, regional and international markets with competitive scientifically supported products. Following theoretical and practical training, in living labs, at INSAT- UCAR (PP3), the Tunisian potential entrepreneurs have benefited from solid and high-quality training allowing them to master the nanotechnological approaches and methods that will enable them to produce highly valuable products so expected nowadays by consumers”.

In addition, he highly encourages youth in Tunisia to update themselves to the newest calls for further projects and be ready   to participate and benefit from such important opportunities.


The businesses will grow as long as the Will exists…

Not everyone is meant to succeed in business, as for the new potential entrepreneurs, Sami sees that as they have benefited from theoretical and practical training within living labs, they have become proficient and are ready to develop their own capacities to embody their skills and fulfill their dreams to stand up to their start-ups. He adds: “Conscious of our young Tunisians’ strong will, these businesses created by BESTMEDGRAPE will certainly survive and grow as long as these young entrepreneurs believe in their worth and continue hardworking and facing challenges of the marked fluctuations to ever aim to respond to consumers’ needs. The viticulture by-products are permanently available, and the need to transform them into valuable innovative products will continue to inspire young entrepreneurs to strongly believe in their potential and contribute to a healthy environment as well as to enlarge their range of innovative products alongside those already developed in the framework of BESTMEDGRAPE project”.