SIRCLES in Italy launches a massive awareness campaign to improve source separated collection of biowaste

Many initiatives have been planned to raise awareness on SIRCLES project in Italy. This European  funded project that involves the four municipalities of the Val d'Itria, in Puglia: Alberobello, Noci, Putignano, and Locorotondo will implement an intense awareness campaign, following the first phase of the survey aimed at detecting the knowledge regarding biowaste management.

Schools, citizens, the HO.RE.CA and food sector will be the privileged recipients of targeted communication actions, starting in the coming weeks. Here's what's planned in detail:

SCHOOLS - Training and awareness-raising meetings on circular economy

From the survey carried out, people who are under 18 are the least informed on the organic supply chain and, in particular, on the use of biodegradable and compostable bags. These meetings, therefore, aim to give the students an interactive lesson in order to fully understand the cycle of organic waste.

CITIZENSHIP - Territorial info points

Thanks to the well-known information point, the collaborators of SIRCLES project in Italy will reach citizens by distributing useful materials to deepen their knowledge and enhance the organic supply chain. 78% of people who answered the survey recognize the lack of information on the subject and see environmental education as a key factor to fill this gap.

HO.RE.CA - Green Label Campaign

The initiative already underway in collaboration with restaurants, farmhouses, bars and hotels in the Val d'Itria, is aimed at rewarding those who adopt good biowaste management practices with the release of the 'sustainability sticker'.

SUPERMARKETS AND FOOD BANKS - Focus on biodegradable and compostable bags

According to Plastic Consult data, in 2021 about 20% of the bags put on the market for the takeaway of goods are illegal and, from the results of the interviews analyzed by the Consorzio Italiano Compostatori, the need to guarantee a supply of certified compostable bags to private individuals but also to commercial activities is a must. Targeted meetings with distribution of information material will allow the collaborators of SIRCLES project in Italy to raise awareness among merchants about the recognition and use of certified bags.


This is a video made with the collaborators who have been animating all the phases of the initiative for months. After being selected and trained on the issues of the circular economy and the organic supply chain, they took on the role of ambassadors of sustainability. The ultimate goal of the European project, in fact, is to support the opportunities of the circular economy for the environment and social inclusion.

The coordination of the SIRCLES – Italy project (Supporting Circular Economy Opportunities for Employment and Social Inclusion), funded by the European Union the ENI CBC Med 2014 -2020 program, is organized by the Italian Composters Consortium in collaboration with PROGEVA S.r.l.  – Organic waste composting company;  CIHEAM Bari – Center for postgraduate training, applied scientific research and planning of interventions within the framework of research and international cooperation programs;  Sud Est Donne – Association of Social Promotion that deals with preventing and combating violence against women;  Officine Sostenibile Società Benefit - environmental communication company.