Skills4Sports closed its projects having trained over 1.000 young people in the sport sector


The Skills4Sports Across the Mediterranean project culminated in a successful final conference held from July 11th to July 13th, 2023, at the Lucy Hotel in Chalkida, Greece. The event not only celebrated project achievements but also evoked a sense of pride and fulfillment among all participants as they reflected on the transformative journey that had taken place.

Throughout the three-day conference, emotions ran high as attendees and stakeholders engaged in thoughtful discussions about the project's impact on communities and individuals. The camaraderie and shared vision among participants fostered a profound sense of unity and collaboration.

The Steering Committee session on the first day provided an opportunity for heartfelt reflections on the collective efforts and dedication that led to the successful completion of the project. As the final report was presented, there was a palpable sense of achievement and satisfaction in witnessing the tangible outcomes and positive changes brought about by Skills4Sports.

During the subsequent days, the conference's emotional undercurrent remained strong as esteemed speakers from organizations across the Mediterranean shared inspiring stories of empowerment and transformation. The testimonies from young people who are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEETs) further amplified the emotional resonance, with their heartfelt accounts highlighting how the project had not only enriched their skills but also positively impacted their lives and future prospects.

Esteemed speakers from organizations across the Mediterranean shared their insights on sports development, empowering NEETs, and promoting cooperation in the sports industry.

During the Final Conference, the results of Skills4Sports Workshops were discussed.

The Skills4Sports workshops have yielded remarkable outcomes, reflecting a significant contribution to the development and enhancement of skills within the sports industry. These workshops, conducted in collaboration with esteemed organizations and institutions, have proven invaluable for fostering learning, knowledge exchange, and professional growth. The collective efforts of participants and instructors have culminated in a comprehensive and impactful series of training sessions, as evidenced by the following summary of results:

Course 1: Introduction to the Sports Industry

Participants engaged in an immersive exploration of the sports industry, acquiring foundational insights that lay the groundwork for their journey into this dynamic field. The workshop's success is highlighted by the impressive engagement and enthusiasm exhibited by the attendees, resulting in a total score of 25 NEETs.

Course 2: New Technologies - ICT & E-sports

This forward-looking course delved into the realm of new technologies, specifically focusing on information and communication technology (ICT) and the emerging domain of e-sports. The participants' keen interest and active involvement led to an outstanding cumulative score of 90 NEETs.

Course 3: Sports Digital Marketing & Communication

In the age of digital connectivity, the significance of effective marketing and communication strategies cannot be overstated. The workshop participants displayed a keen aptitude for mastering these skills, amassing a remarkable total score of 225 NEETs.

Course 4: Introduction to Sports Management & Sports Economy

Bridging theory and practice, this course zeroed in on the intricacies of sports management and the economic dynamics that underpin the industry. The participants' dedication translated into a commendable total score of 60 NEETs.

Course 5: Sports Leadership and Management

The Sports Leadership and Management workshop empowered participants to refine their leadership prowess and managerial acumen within the context of sports. The evident dedication of attendees contributed to an impressive cumulative score of 123 NEETs.

Course 6: Sports Event Management

Navigating the complex realm of sports event management, participants in this workshop demonstrated a high level of engagement and commitment, resulting in an outstanding cumulative score of 246 NEETs.

Course 7: Sports Sociology

Delving into the sociocultural dimensions of sports, participants enriched their understanding of the broader societal implications. Their enthusiasm and dedication culminated in a noteworthy cumulative score of 84 NEETs.

Course 8: Dual Careers/Athlete Development

The Dual Careers/Athlete Development course recognized the multifaceted nature of sports careers, addressing both athletic and non-athletic aspects. Participants' dedication to holistic development led to an impressive cumulative score of 138 NEETs.

Course 9: Coaching and Leadership

This course spotlighted the critical roles of coaching and leadership within the sports realm. Participants' active involvement and commitment contributed to an outstanding cumulative score of 159 NEETs.

Total Impact of Skills4Sports Project

The cumulative outcomes of the Skills4Sports workshops are truly remarkable, with participants amassing a substantial total score of 1150. This achievement underscores the program's significance in nurturing a cadre of skilled professionals poised to make meaningful contributions to the sports industry's continued growth and evolution. The collective efforts of participants, instructors, and collaborating institutions have undoubtedly paved the way for a promising future in the realm of sports.

Conclusion of the Final Conference

As the event drew close, a mix of emotions filled the room. Participants felt a sense of sadness that this journey had reached its conclusion, but at the same time, there was an overwhelming sense of hope and anticipation for the future. The bonds forged during the conference were evident as attendees exchanged contact information, promising to stay connected and continue their collaboration beyond the project's formal conclusion.

The Development Agency of Evia, as the host of this remarkable event, expressed deep gratitude to all participants, speakers, and partners for their unwavering commitment throughout the Skills4Sports project. The conference served as a testament to the power of unity, empathy, and determination, leaving a lasting impact on all those involved. Their dedication and collaboration have paved the way for continued efforts in empowering NEETs and fostering sustainable sports initiatives in the region.