Skills4Sports informs and inspires young people in Malta about skills needed for jobs in the sport sector


On the 29th of March, the Malta Football Association (MFA), a Skills4Sports partner, held an Infoday at The Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology (MCAST) in Paola, Malta. The Infoday was mostly addressed to MCAST students who are currently studying for sports-related degrees. More than 30 young people aged 17 to 22, along with their teachers, attended. The MFA presented the project, focusing on the Skills4Sports courses that will be offered, explaining that the goal is to increase the employability of NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training) a group that these young people may find themselves in after the end of their studies, if they do not find employment.

Some important figures from the sports industry spoke at the event: Mr. Alan Mario Sant, Human Resources Director of MFA; Ms. Pamela Scembri, Communication Director of MFA; Oleksandr Kosenko, Coach National Futsal team Ukraine and Mark Marlow, ex Player, Coach and Sports administrator as well as the President of the Malta Employees Sports Association and Director of Futsal at the MFA. All of the speakers shared their experiences and spoke about their journey in the sports industry. The trajectories of the speakers in the sports world underlined the importance of adapting to changes, and working hard towards achieving one’s goals.

The speakers highlighted the significance of complementing the study of sports with knowledge in management, nutrition, marketing, psychology or other fields. They advised young people to seek certificates attesting skills relevant to the sports industry and stressed the significance of foreign language skills for the sports sector.

The young audience actively participated in the event, sharing their opinions and interacting with the speakers. It is interesting to note that that one of the most sought after positions among young people in sports is that of Personal Trainer, something that caught the attention of MFA. The talks were followed by a Q&A session and concluding remarks, and, after that, the young people had the chance to briefly network and talk in person with the speakers.

This event marked the beginning of an important collaboration with MCAST, a crucial stakeholder, which will give Skills4Sports access to young people in Malta, its main target group.