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Skills4Sports organises a press conference and its 1st cross-border capacity building workshop in Greece

Title: Skills4Sports Press Conference, Chalkida Greece.


Just before launching the Skills4Sports Training Courses in autumn 2022, TREK Development S.A. (Greece) will host a Press Conference in Chalkida Greece, to share the project’s progress with the local community and raise awareness of the skills development opportunities that the project has to offer.

The keynote speaker, Ms. Teodora Pletosu, EU Affairs & Public Project Specialist at UEFA, will offer a valuable insight into the challenges that the sport industry faces at a global scale and how Skills4Sports Project could play a critical role in addressing them.

Following the keynote speaker, Mr. Ektor Tsatsoulis, Senior Project Manager of TREK Development S.A. – Project Partner and Technical coordinator, will present the work of the Skills4Sports Partnership towards reducing the mismatch of skills and closing the existing skills gap between jobseekers and companies’ requirements, by developing new targeted curricula for sports professionals (widely accessible on e-tools) and by involving key stakeholders in the "Strategic Alliance for Skills4Sports" network.

Finally, Mr. Evangelos Koukouzas, Deputy Regional Governor for Entrepreneurship & Extroversion of the Region of Central Greece will narrow down the focus on how the Skills4Sports project outputs will be for the benefit of the local community and the NEETs (Not in Employment Education or Training) who are looking for a career in the sports sector.

The Press Conference is open to all, and will take place on Wednesday 8 June at 13:00 - 14:00, at the Lucy Hotel of Evia.

For more information: Conference Agenda_EN_FINAL.pdf



Title: 1st Cross – Border Capacity Building Workshop, Chalkida Greece.


The 1st Cross-Border Capacity Building Workshop, organised by TREK Development S.A., will take place over the course of five days, on 6 - 10 June 2022, in Evia Greece. All Skills4Sports partners will convene for the purpose of finalising 9 new Curricula for Sports Professionals, which, starting in late August of 2022, will be used in trainings for young NEETs. The goal of the project is to train NEETs in new skills that will increase their chances of finding employment in the sports sector.

For more information: Skills4Sports_Event_Greece_June 2022_1.pdf



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