Skills4Sports promotes exchanges of good practices in 5 Mediterranean countries in the sport sector


From the 15th to the 17th of March 2023, INDESCAT, Spanish partner of Skills4Sports, will organise the Strategic Alliance Meeting in Barcelona, ​​which will be attended by all partners of the EU-funded Skills4Sports project from Greece, Palestine, Lebanon, Italy and Malta.

The meeting, which will be used to review the status of the project and will visit inspiring sports facilities and universities dedicated to the sport and will culminate on Friday 17th of March with Strategic Alliance Meeting at the Faculty of Psychology, Sciences Education and Sport of Blanquerna. INDESCAT have encouraged its members to participate in the event, as it will be a very good opportunity to generate synergies and collaborations with the sports entities from the visiting countries.

The Alliance will start with and inspirational talk by Núria Picas, a Catalan mountain runner and trail runner, who will explain to us what the challenges of having a sports career. Next, a representative from a company from the sports world which will disseminate the keys to retaining talent and which skills are most valued in the sports sector. After the seminar, we will hold a B2B session with all the entities with the aim to connect different agents from the world of sport and from different countries.

The last day of the Strategic Alliance Meeting will coincide with the last session of the course "Management of events in the sports sector", which is organized by INDESCAT, together with the Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sports Sciences Blanquerna (Universitat Ramon Llull), with the aim of improving the employment of young NEETs (young people who are Not in Emploment, Education or Training) by addressing the skills gap in the sports sector. The students of the course will have the opportunity to meet the project organizations and sports sector entities that are members of INDESCAT.