Spain: CARISMED launches a call for a video producer


Centro Europeo de Empresa e Innovación of Murcia (hereinafter, CEEIM) located in Murcia (Spain), partner of the CApitalisation for Re-setting Innovation and Sustainability in
MED-Cities (CARISMED) project, Reference number C_A.2.2_0012, within the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin programme, funded by the European Union, invites interested parties to submit a proposal-offer in accordance with the specifications described in the call of interest “Video Producer Procurement | CARISMED”.

The deadline for submitting bids is the 16th of September 2022. More details and Terms of Reference can be found here.


The Capitalization for Re-setting Innovation and Sustainability in MED-cities (CARISMED) Project promotes the uptake of results, to enable cross-sector/border level cooperation. In order
to disseminate digital transformation and innovative thinking by training, an integrated Urban Policy will be developed for improving sustainability and integrating innovation into the urban
settings at Mediterranean cities (Med-cities) through capitalization of already acquired conceptual and systematic approaches as regards Circular Economy (CE) and Creativity;
fostering synergies between MPC-EUMC and piloting collaborative innovation schemes among SMEs clusters.

The cross-border added value of CARISMED relies on the common challenges across the Mediterranean regarding the urban centres’ revitalization through CCI SMEs supporting the adoption of Circular practices through innovation, external knowledge inclusion and clustering. Among Med Cities, the adoption of new, smart, and sustainable practices for the restructuring of underutilized or abandoned urban stock in Med cities centres is of utmost importance in order the resilience of cities (economic, social, cultural, technological, etc.) to be enhanced and to  achieve a better quality of life in urban areas, also, the inclusion of communities inhabiting city centres in the Mediterranean Basin.