Spain: join PPI4MED first living lab on public procurement of innovation


Last April, the Spain's first living lab on public procurement of innovation (PPI), led by Spanish National Research Center (CSIC), has kicked off with more than 170 participants at its first meeting on the role of science in society, innovation, and knowledge transfer.

Speakers were from a wide range of organisations covering regional research centres, universities research institutes, private companies and even local authorities. From the public research part, the regional Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), the CSIC-UPV Energy Technology Platform and the CSIC Institute of Instrumentation for Molecular Imaging I3M, two public research institutes were among the participants. From the private sector, Tesoro Imaging, True Solar Power took part. Mondragon Group, a group of cooperatives and companies from the Basque country also attended. Finally, the city council of Madrid also took part. 

They all explained their experiences, success stories and their vision of the challenges of science in today's society.

The CSIC's living lab for public procurement of innovation is conceived as an open and dynamic platform and will bring together the entire innovation ecosystem. The CSIC invites private companies, public procurers and researchers to participate in the Spain living lab Innovation Procurement to join the initiative.

If you interested to join the living lab on public procurement of innovation lead by CSIC, please contact at