"Structuring the necessary steps to create networks of circularity within the urban environments". The 4th INNOMED-UP Newsletter is on!


Dear readers of INNOMED-UP Newsletter,

As our INNOMED-UP Project is going through its third year of implementation, I am delighted to present you our 4th Newsletter. After completing the second year, we are pleased and inspired from the creation of knowledge, practices and experiences through the clustering roadmaps, synthesized with the smart
tools development, educational processes and socio-urban engagement. Despite the difficulties Covid19- is still bringing to all of us, we have dynamically entered the third and last year of INNOMED-UP Project with the exciting mission of establishing the Pilot Clusters of CCI SMEs in each INNOMED-UP city.

During the second year of INNOMED-UP project all participating cities, through the Clustering Roadmaps, have structured the necessary steps to create networks of circularity within the urban environments. The smart tools i.e. the smart bin and smart bicycle system developed and all the instructions for their reproduction are available on the official website of the program. The training educational seminars and socio-urban workshops were organized with great success and participation. Find out more about all the activities in the following pages of this newsletter.

The second year closed during the double event of the 4th Steering Committee and the 2nd INNOMED-UP Conference, which was organized jointly by the Municipality of Tunis (Tunisia) and the Lead Beneficiary of the INNOMED-UP Project National Technical University of Athens (Greece). It was hosted at the Tunis Municipal Palace for the local project members and guests and via teleconference for the rest of INNOMED-UP partnership. Distinguished figures of Tunisia, such as Mrs. Souad Ben Abdelrahim, Mayor of Tunis and Mr. Hedi Chbili, representative of the ministry of local affairs and the environment opened the conference. ENI CBC MED Managing Authority and JTS officers Mr. Khaled ElSaadany and Mr. Zied Kbaier also participated in the conference sessions.

In the coming months, we have exciting work to do, as we are now getting ready for the establishment of Pilot Clusters. The overall purpose is to test the smart tools in real case clusters, to involve selected CCI SMEs in networking operations and finally support them to design and produce innovative and up cycled products. The clusters will have a geographic focus in specific city areas and waste material from CCI SMEs will be collected through the use of smart tools and redistributed to other CCI SMEs as secondary raw materials. I would like to wish you all Happy and
Creative New Year! Enjoy our newsletter and stay tuned for all that to follow through our official website (http://www.enicbcmed.eu/projects/innomed-up) and social media.

Kind Regards,
Sofia Avgerinou Kolonias
INNOMED-UP Project Coordinator
Emeritus Professor, Department of Urban and
School of Architectural Engineering
National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.)