Supporting Eco-Entrepreneurship with RESMYLE: An Extract of Achievements


RESMYLE, present in five Mediterranean countries, has played a pivotal role in supporting over 200 young eco-entrepreneurs, thus backing more than 130 business projects. Through its six eco-incubators, RESMYLE has provided budding innovators with the resources and guidance necessary to bring their ideas to fruition while upholding environmental and social values.

These diverse projects, ranging from technological solutions for waste management to sustainable agricultural initiatives, showcase the immense potential of sustainable entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean region, offering a glimmer of hope amidst current environmental challenges.

The RESMYLE Ecoentrepreneurs document showcases some of these business projects, highlighting the commitment, creativity, and determination of the region's eco-entrepreneurs. By celebrating their successes, it also underscores the crucial importance of ongoing support to foster the growth of eco-entrepreneurship and contribute to the emergence of a green and inclusive economy in the Mediterranean basin.