Supporting the implementation of clean technologies: the results of NEX-LABS info session in Alexandria, Egypt

Photo by david henrichs on Unsplash

The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology held an info session about the NEX-LABS project on 9th February 2022, as part of a series of workshops to be held in Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Smart Village Campus at Alexandria Governorate. 

The info session  was dedicated to how supporting the implementation of clean technologies can help to achieve a sustainable and renewable increase in agricultural food production, based on the most efficient use of energy including energy solutions, whether renewable or solar and water solutions from wastewater treatment or reuse.

The workshop brought together a diverse group of academics, young researchers, and representatives from small and medium-sized businesses interested in developing advanced technology in the fields of water, energy, and food. The session focused on the use of large databases, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence in the advancement of projects that combine WEF NEXUS to provide advanced technological solutions to meet the challenges of the agri-food sector in a Mediterranean region.

Participants discussed the NEX-LABS project's goal by supporting young entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses by implementing NEXUS driven Open Living Labs (NDOLLs) approach, which is based on bringing together business partners and research actors. And industrial and investment communities to communicate, and exchange ideas and experiences interactively and systematically to stimulate innovative ideas, provide technological solutions to meet the challenges of sustainable development, and create job opportunities in emerging technological and environmental markets through common workspaces.

Participants were able to share their perspectives on the role of NEXUS driven Open Living Labs (NDOLLs) in promoting technology transfer, collaboration between academia and industry, increasing commercialization opportunities, and innovation-driven growth, as well as exploring ways of collaboration between various projects and institutions for further communication and increased impact on target groups.