TEC-MED project discusses on how to improve the lives of elderly people in Greece during online workshop


Τhe workshop, organised on 6th of November, included the presentation and analysis of the TEC-MED Model (Development of a Transcultural social-ethical-care model for dependent population in Mediterranean basin), as well as a presentation of the advantages/facilities of the online platform that is being developed in the framework of the project. During the workshop, the organizers focused on this innovative product showing the needs that the TEC-MED model covers as well as the prospects that it opens up across the Mediterranean.

The first part was mostly dedicated to the presentation of the TEC-MED Model and the common needs of the elderly in the participating countries (Spain-LB, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia and Lebanon). In addition, the innovations that the project intends to bring to the social care services for elderly people were also analyzed.

The second part highlighted the use of the platform.

Τhe third part included discussion among stakeholders and other participants for the benefits and the expected achievements that the project is going to manage. Finally, an exchange of opinions/suggestions/positions was carried out to improve the quality of life of the elderly.