The TEC-MED project in Greece already has its objectives set for 2023


The TEC-MED project works on a pioneering care model for elderly people with dependency and/or at risk of social exclusion. It takes place in 6 countries Spain, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Egypt, with 9 partners and 6 associated entities.

This project aims to respond to the challenge represented by the doubling of the population over 60 years and the increasing burden of care. Therefore, it focuses on an integrated cross-cultural model that is person-centered, with the goal of promoting good practices in socio-health care in the countries of the Mediterranean Basin. In this sense, the TEC-MED project aims to foster social inclusion, gender equity, and struggle against poverty, taking into account socioeconomic, cultural, and ethical factors to encourage the comprehensive health of elderly people.

The implementation of the TEC-MED project lasted for almost a year and it included the recording of needs of the final beneficiaries, the first assessments, the evaluations over months, and the interventions of each country participant to each sensitive population. 
The official end of the pilot phase is 31th of December but the real challenge is to succeed in continuing the interventions and the support to the final beneficiaries for even longer. 
Throughout the continuous process of meeting and providing care to the final beneficiaries we were deeply disappointed with the health system and the benefits of those people in this field. Not only was the given treatment deficient, but also the health prevention of the elderly was small in relation to their needs. 

The Covid -19 conditions was unfortunately for Greece the main obstacle as far as the fast and programmed implementation of the pilot is concerned. The huge and continuous spread and increase of the cases were always the major factor of either postponed or canceled contacts. 

Regarding these difficulties of the final beneficiaries we held sessions to help and provide support to this population. Although the participants were grateful for our offers they almost all had the worry if these benefits could last or stop suddenly because of the close of the program of TEC-MED. 
Although the continuation of the overall program is impossible there are areas where it would be extremely important to continue: 

1. Advanced use of platform and benefits 

2. Well-being and safety at home 

3. Psychological and emotional support