The TEC-MED project wants to improve the socio-health care of the elderly in the Mediterranean basin

Magtel Group

The TEC-MED project aims to develop a cross-cultural model of ethical-social care for the dependent population of the Mediterranean basin. During its execution, it has developed an innovative and cost-effective intervention framework that improves and adapts social care policies that address the aging of the population.

Among the advantages of participating in this project are the following:

Elder care. The project contributes to reducing the marginalization of the elderly and aims to improve the quality of social services provided to them.
Reference model. The project has created a common model of treatment that allows the elderly to be evaluated considering the same parameters. This will allow, once the pilots are completed, to be able to carry out comparative studies between countries.

Social support. The TEC-MED model focuses on social support for the elderly since this support improves physical and mental health. For this reason, the project includes caregivers within the group of people on whom it acts.

Technology support. The project is supported using software platforms to carry out the capture and storage of information. Users, in their various profiles, have access to project information and associated documentation.

Trainer training. The project has incorporated the training of training agents, who in turn will work with the elderly. In this way, the assistance that will be provided is improved and homogenized.

Health status assessment. During the development of the project, the piloting of the model and the tools are being carried out. Thanks to this task, health data will be obtained on a population of more than 4,000 people in Spain alone.

Meeting point. One of the facets of the project is the inclusion of interested people from both the public and private spheres, who can participate in the different national and international events that are held. At these events, they can exchange ideas with people from other countries and/or other fields.


The TEC-MED project wants to be a transcultural socio-ethical care model for all older people in the Mediterranean basin. With it, we want to involve all the people who participate in the care of the elderly in order to offer comprehensive care. The TEC-MED project tries to complement the public and private policies of the health sector to improve the quality of life of the elderly.