[TEC-MED] Recommendations for people with dementia during COVID-19 pandemic


The period we are going through due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures we must adapt to protect ourselves is an unprecedented situation for all of us. All of this, of course, also affects people with dementia, who may exhibit more aggressive behaviors, over-stimulation, escaping tendencies and more behavioral problems.

Here, follow there are some recommendations.

How we can talk to people with dementia:

  • Avoid exposure to the news - the way information is delivered, especially on television, can be quite dramatic and can greatly overwhelm.
  • Talk to them according to the stage of dementia.
  • Our goal is reassurance - we do not want to scare them, we try to spread optimism and positive attitude with our whole attitude, both verbal and no verbal.

How we can manage our emotions:

  • Try to keep your temper - access the information you hear reasonably and calmly.
  • I stay at home but I can stay in touch with loved ones - with the help of technology we can communicate with relatives and friends daily by phone, skype, viber etc.
  • Remember that you are not alone - the coronavirus pandemic concerns us all, we all experience similar feelings of anxiety and fear.
  • Contact a health professional if you feel it is very difficult to manage the situation yourself.

At home:

Make creative use of time at home: exercise, listen to music, dance, watch old photos, read books, play board games, make puzzles, do mental exercises (look for the special book "Mental Exercises" at 2310810411), do gardening, knit, paint, do the household etc. In general, try to keep the body and mind active.

Remember that every crisis is an opportunity at the same time. Opportunity for introspection, for strengthening relationships with others, for offering to those in need, for reviewing our choices and lifestyles.

Thanks to the Greek Association of Alzheimer Hellas and Related Disorders from Greece. www.alzheimer-hellas.gr