Test a game to promote alternative tourism in Jordan or how RESMYLE and MED GAIMS projects collaborate together


MED GAIMS project funded by the ENI CBC Med Programme aims to develop the tourism potential of Italy, Lebanon, Jordan, and Spain by developing physical and virtual games that attract tourists to less-known sites in each one of the participating country. The MED GAIMS project supported two young female game designers from Jordan, Sondos Al Rqaibat and Shorouq Hammad.

RESMYLE team in Jordan invited the two game designers to introduce and test their games with Jordanian, French, and Tunisian NEETs participating in the first RESMYLE international field workshop in Jordan: The mapping touristic sites in Bani-Kenanah workshop.

The “Gadara spinner”, name of the interactive board game and designed by Sondos Al Rqaibat introduces players to Gadara’s archaeological sites (Umm Qais) using stunning 3D models and informative cards. Participants emphasized the interactive nature of the game as a significant strength, suggesting the increase of the number of informative cards and expand the game to allow for more than two players to participate.

Re-living the Ancient Gadaradigital game takes players on a journey of the civilizations of Gadara by playing different levels of mini-games. A fruitful discussion followed the game test that included the need to add characters with traditional clothing to represent the identity of the ancient Gadara people, pathways to promote and market the game within the Jordanian market, and challenges faced by the game developer.


The two tests provided an atmosphere of collaboration and support between the young NEETs and game developers and helped promote the two games with the NEETs’ own network. It also presented NEETs with alternative opportunities available to them in other projects funded by the ENI CBC MED programme.

To learn more about the games supported by MED GAIMS project, click on the following links:
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This workshop is one of the activities of RESMYLE project - Rethinking employment and social inclusion of Mediterranean youth through sustainable development - implemented locally by Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) and funded by the ENI CBC MED programme of the European Union.

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