The third workshop of the TEC-MED project was a great opportunity for the Italian partner to acquire new knowledge

TEC-MED Project

On July 27, 2022, the Third International Workshop was held in Tunis followed, on July 28, by the Steering Committee.

Unlike the previous ones, which were carried out online due to the pandemic situation, this event saw all the representatives of the various Countries in presence: a great opportunity for UniCamillus as an Italian partner to be able to work side by side with the representatives of Greece, Spain, Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia.

Despite the challenges outlined by all the partners during the various meetings, all pilots started and today we reached 31% of the target audience expected for the Project.

These results were possible thanks to the great commitment of all the actors involved, mainly the PPs teams but also all the collaborators, stakeholders, and the Final Beneficiaries themselves who joined the Project. 

Difficulties and challenges common to all Countries were highlighted during the presentations.

Among the main challenges we are facing as Project Partners there is the covid-19 situation which affected every PP with difficulties in accessing structures for the pilots, and also accessing private homes and elderly people in general, since they were particularly subject to the virus and its most severe symptoms. A large number of lost cases (people who gave potential approval but then decided not to continue) should also not be underestimated since they represent a time loss and they do not convert in numbers registered on the platform. Being able to discuss challenges and obstacles was a precious opportunity to find possible solutions.

Many strategies were included in the specific contingency plans to recover from these problems highlighted in the first phases of the pilot, first of all, wider recruitment through more agreements with structures and operators, and the use of focused assessments which are shorter and faster to complete.

About the social aspect of the capitalization plan, it was highlighted how the TEC-MED Model has the full potential of integrating with other existing projects since it could develop relationships, links, and bonds, and create knowledge and ability. Since it implies the capacity of knowing who should be contacted in a certain situation and it has a considerable impact on the members of a social network who can then benefit from the very existence of this social capital. The TEC-MED Model can easily bring to community development which can be local, national, and international.

Social Capitalization means strengthening the potential of the Model to promote the dynamicity and the autonomy of the social groups involved thanks to the relations that are constructed. 

In the specificity of the application of the proposed model in the Italian territory, it emerged that the creation of governance lines common for the national territory is essential but they must also be adaptable to the single regions since the Italian territory looks really fractionated and so it presents many internal differences. The training should clearly be common but, similarly, specific and adapted to the territory and to the specific job they are going to do.

Waiting for the next and last international meeting we can only be incredibly grateful for the unique opportunity that this workshop has represented in creating a moment of discussion and growth for all participating partners.