Tunisia: FruitFlyNet-ii assesses peach orchards to implement its e-solutions against medfly

The technical manager of the Tunisian partner visited on the 5th August the peach orchards where Fruitflynet-ii project experiments will be conducted. The peach orchads are located at the delegation of Khlidia belonging to the governorate Ben Arous (Northern Tunisia), where FruitFlyNet-ii experiments are conducted. Mabrouka society is the owner of the orchards and is specialized in the production of fruits for consumption and fruit trees plants for plantation.

Orchards are organized in 13 plots cultivated by 11 varieties. Varieties are divided into 2 groups: early and late maturity varieties. The density of plantation of all varieties is 667 plants/ ha with a spacing between plants 3 meters and between rows 5 meters. Early maturity varieties were planted in 2017 except the variety K9 in 2021 and those of late maturity in 2021.