Vitofera: the first Tunisian company that produces cosmetics and nutraceuticals from grape by-products thanks to BESTMEDGRAPE


Halima Chebbi and Amal Trabelsi from Tunisia are our next interviewees in the series of articles about the start-ups created by potential entrepreneurs who participated in the BESTMEDGRAPE project.


We present to you… “Vitofera”


Their obsession with the valorization of by-products with high added value, in general, led Halima and Amal to invest in this field. They grabbed the opportunity BESTMEDGRAPE offers and made the best of it, hoping to achieve their dreams.

“Vitofera”, the brand of their new cosmetic and nutraceutical products. It’s about the valorization of wine by-products for the production of grape seed powder and oil.


What makes it special…


Describing the products, Halima says: “Our products are organic with many positive effects on the health and especially the beauty of women and it will succeed in the market because this kind of product is rarely produced in Tunisia, instead it is imported from abroad.  Amal continues: "Our products are 100% made in Tunisia by Tunisian organic products, they will be destined for the cosmetic and neutraceutical market. Vitofera will be the first Tunisian company to do so".


Nothing is easy but also nothing is impossible…


Our young entrepreneurs describe themselves as warriors and therefore, taking risks is part of their daily job. They are not prepared to miss any opportunity that knocks at their door. they also encourage young people to do the same and get out of their comfort zone because “Nothing is easy but nothing is impossible”.