Wayer management: MENAWARA Mediterranean partners present the impact of the project

The increasing pressure on freshwater resources is generating a dramatic gap between water supply and demand and the deterioration of water quality in the Mediterranean countries . By recycling wastewater and improving agricultural water management, MENAWARA enhanced local capacities and access to water through new clean and environmentally friendly technologies for wastewater treatment. The project, funded by the EU under the ENI CBC Med Programme, and led by NRD Nucleo di Ricerca sulla Desertificazione Università di Sassari involves partner in five Mediterranean countries: CIHEAMBari in Italy, AMAYA-CENTA in Spain, WeWorld GVC in Palestine, ONAS in Tunisia and National Agricultural Research Center in Jordan. This video, presented by AMAYA-CENTA at the final MENAWARA event in Sevilla, highlights the progress of the project and the testimonies of the local beneficiaries.