Gamification of tourism: the MED GAIMS grant competition is open!


The MED GAIMS project is pleased to announce the launching of a competition to award 20 funded grants – worth 10,000-15,000 euro per grant - to support the development of physical and digital games in 4 different countries – Lebanon, Jordan, Spain, and Italy. Each country will award 5 grants for the gamification of tourism in selected touristic sites. 

The deadlines to submit the proposals are September 15th 2020 September 30th 2020 and October 30th2020 for Round I and Round II, respectively. Successful proposals will be given a chance to participate in the Hackathons & Creative Labs in the dates specified for each country.

Multiple webinars have been scheduled to introduce the project to the public and showcase the opportunities in each country, including Spain on July 17th and July 28th and Italy on August 21st. Upcoming webinars include: Lebanon on September 11th and September 18th and Jordan.

For more details, and to learn how to apply please follow this link: